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Why Customers Choose Us

At vCyber

Proud of a team of professionals with many years of experience. We always strive to provide, advise and support leading security services in the world. To be able to meet all the needs of our customers, we always update new situations on network security as well as upgrade solutions based on the support of strategic partners. vCyber ​​wishes through advanced solutions and effective services to bring absolute security value to customers.


To become the leading prestigious symbol in Vietnam for NETWORK INFORMATION SAFETY products, solutions and data


Our mission is to bring information security solutions from the world to everyone and support businesses and governments in the fight against Cybersecurity

Core Values


SAFE with customer information security

RELIABLE with professional support from experts

LINK partner network worldwide

PROGRESS along with the evolving technology era

QUALITY what we do, we do well

Strictly manage information and customer needs


Customers' commentary on The Importance of information security

With the current outstanding development of technology. Everything is gradually supported and replaced by many different forms. Users can use it to storage and share information for personal and work purposes. Thereby, the flaws of technology that are difficult for humans to notice or take a lot of time to be found and corrected when necessary. At this time, security technology has become a must-have part to be able to ensure information security for users. Not only that, but businesses also now account for a very large percentage that have been choosing information security technology. trust themselves as well as their products in the safest way

  • New Age Threats are Dynamic, then how can our mitigation strategies be static! We need to protect ourselves from the UNKNOWN every moment.

    Narayan Neelakantan
    Co-founder & CEO | Block Armour
  • After a series of high-profile cybersecurity incidents over the past years, such as SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange, Colonial Pipeline, and others, both public and private sectors are coming to understand the importance of defending against targeted and sophisticated attacks—particularly in the critical infrastructure industry.

    Benny Czarny
    CEO, Founder and Chairman of the Board | OPSWAT


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