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CEMS - Social Listening System

CEMS collects, synthesizes and analyzes information sources

Subscribe to electronic news, social networking sites, websites that interest you

The software will automatically detect and detect how many new articles appear of each monitoring website at the time of checking. Save all article links with description and content of the article. Display new articles of the website by category, by type of website in a certain period of time. User can view details of new post.

Search articles by keyword, keyword topic

The software supports article search on general websites. The tool allows users to check whether certain articles are on the general website or not, in order to handle violations.

Shared link TOP analysis

With the “Top Link Shared” feature, we will help you find the most shared articles, extract the most content in the optional time period.

Identifying the most shared articles helps you quickly grasp the trends and outstanding topics that websites and articles refer to. Serving many different purposes in business strategy, copyright checking, etc.

Using a combination of machine learning with search algorithms to identify the most shared articles has made our search accurate and time efficient.

Wide search scope: we not only support finding the most shared articles on online newspapers, but we also support facebook posts.

Statistical reports over time

In addition to the above functions, CEMS also supports statistical reports according to user requirements. Statistical reporting is a necessary and very important need, helping users have a comprehensive and comprehensive view of websites and content of articles on social networks. From there, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the monitoring and analysis of content on the website. Besides, the system also supports exporting reports to PDF files to serve data statement easily.

Identify the source, verify the news article

The software displays detailed information of the article including title, article path, content summary. Users see the content of the article, if they find the article infringing, then proceed to submit a review of the offending article. The process of evaluating violating articles is conducted from the Expert level to the Division Leader level, to the Department Leader with the participation of many departments. The software integrates many useful tools for evaluating infringing articles such as a tool to record the content of the article (take a photo of the website), a tool to verify the news of the article, a tool to send email reminders on the article

The tool to verify news, articles on e-commerce websites aggregates with news and articles on electronic news sources (excerpts from part of the content of the newsletters and articles that need to be verified to identify clear/unclear sources). At the same time, it is determined that the content of information in the official newspaper has been removed, but the general e-mail pages have been quoted but have not been removed (to carry out the handling process).

Analyze TOP keywords, featured topics

A prominent keyword, key phrase or topic is a phrase that carries an important meaning or has a purpose of emphasis in the opinion of the writer. If a keyword appears more than once, it proves the level of social interest in this keyword and it is known as a prominent keyword. Capturing prominent keywords means that you also grasp the trend of society, thereby serving economic and political issues…

With the development of online newspapers and social networks today, the amount of information generated every day is very large. Therefore, manually finding keywords and topics that stand out in this large amount of information is nearly impossible. To solve that problem, we relied on modern machine learning techniques to develop the “Analysis Hot Keyword” feature.

Effective: “Analysis Hot Keyword” supports analyzing and finding prominent keywords, keyword groups and topics over time. Combined with machine learning technology, the software can detect and analyze keywords and keyword groups from the article with high accuracy.

Flexibility: “Analysis Hot Keyword” is flexible by allowing users to define their own input time period. The system will automatically analyze and search for keywords, keyword groups, and outstanding topics during this time. This is a flexibility that currently no other software can meet like us.

Analysis and evaluation to measure the level of satisfaction

With a comment or rating as input, we will use specialized machine learning algorithms to analyze and evaluate customer satisfaction.

It is extremely important to analyze and evaluate user comments. That helps the product supplier to promote the brand, and also helps to identify the points that do not meet the user’s needs to improve the product better.

The feature uses machine learning algorithms in combination with a Vietnamese dictionary built specifically for analyzing satisfaction levels. Therefore the accuracy we achieve is quite high. Help users save time and effort, increase work efficiency, especially in selling and trading products online.


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