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Cloud API Management & Microservices Connectivity Platform


Blow up the monolith

Distributed architectures and microservices can accelerate development cycles and reduce costs. But cloud native apps bring new challenges in providing reliable connectivity.

Kong is the most adopted API gateway, with over 2.6M instances running worldwide. And our customers power every line of code, deployment and launch, and today, our customers have helped us reach another milestone.

Kong is recognized as a Leader among API management providers and is once again positioned furthest to the right for completeness of vision. We believe it is remarkable for a company as young as Kong to be recognized as a Leader, along with some of the largest companies in the world, two years in a row! This is both an honor and a feat; we couldn’t be more proud of our team or more thankful to our dedicated users and customers who have made this possible.

Konnect – The Service Connectivity Platform

Single platform that delivers end-to-end connectivity and visibility for services in multi-cloud environments.

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Kong Gateway - The world’s most popular API gateway.

Built for hybrid and multi-cloud, optimized for microservices and distributed architectures. Get started today – download Kong Gateway for free.

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Kong Mesh - Universal Service Mesh

Enterprise-grade service mesh for multi-cloud and multi-cluster on both Kubernetes and VMs. Konnect-native from mesh to API gateway

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Dev Portal - Accelarate Innovation

Provide APIs as a product to external teams to consume through a customized portal that leverages your existing CRM or repos as the source of truth.

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Runtime Manager - Manage all your Services

Spin up and manage Kong Gateway, the world’s most popular API gateway, across hybrid and multi-cloud, Kubernetes, and self-hosted infrastructures with simplified and automated day-2 automation.

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ServiceHub - Empower your Developers

Build a comprehensive catalog of heterogeneous services – enable service consumability and end-to-end lifecycle management.

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Vitals - Monitor your

Get a central view of all services and runtimes with real-time analytics, and integrate with your existing monitoring solution.

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Insomnia - Collaborative API Design Platform

Quickly adopt a spec-driven development to create, test and deploy APIs using GitOps and team-based collaboration.

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