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Plixer - Transform Network Insights

Gain unparalleled network visibility for enhanced cybersecurity and peak operational excellence.

Join the Intelligence Revolution

Plixer One revolutionizes NDR and NPMD in complex digital landscapes with a powerful, streamlined platform that enhances network visibility, bolsters security, and optimizes performance.

Plixer One Platform

Unlock the power of NetFlow/IPFIX and leverage your existing IT infrastructure to enhance network performance and security with the Plixer One Platform. Powered by Scrutinizer, our integrated solutions for Network Performance Monitoring (NPMD) and Network Detection and Response (NDR) offer cost-effective options that provide comprehensive intelligence, empowering you to optimize network performance and security with speed and scale.

Tap into the power of Scrutinizer for comprehensive network visibility and performance analytics across complex hybrid environments

A superior NPMD solution designed to ensure uninterrupted business resilience and growth. Expand on the Scrutinizer solution with advanced network analytics, application monitoring, and endpoint behavior analytics for unmatched network insights.

Stop threat actors in their tracks and keep your business protected with a full NDR solution that enhances Scrutinizer with security analytics, application monitoring, and endpoint behavior analytics. Detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents with speed and scale.

Plixer Replicator

Enhance your data analysis capabilities. Plixer Replicator replicates and channels UDP data streams from exporting devices to collection systems, efficiently boosting your security and management tools’ performance. This solution not only improves the efficiency of your monitoring tools but also optimizes your infrastructure, ensuring high performance in complex network environments.

  • Centralized Data Management: Streamline and centralize your network data for enhanced visibility and simplified management.
  • Balanced and Efficient Routing: Optimize network performance with intelligent data distribution to key analysis tools.
  • Seamless Network Integration: Ensure smooth data handling and minimal disruption within your existing network infrastructure

Plixer FlowPro

Complete visibility of network traffic is key to managing your network, protecting your assets, and investigating security incidents.

Arm yourself with Plixer FlowPro and transform network data into a frontline defense.

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