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Webinar Series – vCyber ​​and days without distance ! ( part 3 )

The past few days must have been very difficult for everyone. From our production to business, or simpler things to communicate, there are different obstacles and quite a lot of limitations.
But not so that vCyber ​​is separated from customers and partners. vCyber ​​has chosen for itself a more creative direction to be able to provide the latest information as well as relevant information to customers and partners. Create a series of periodic webinar events to break the distance limit and all information can be updated – support in the best way!

Looking at the current situation, 4.0 era when all information, data as well as activities not only of individuals but also of businesses are very easy to lose, and losses have a significant impact on operations. our
Responding to the needs as well as being able to better understand the “Threat Intelligence & Zero Trust Network Accsess”, vCyber ​​is pleased to be the bridge between businesses and business partners to organize seminars that can Connect, update as well as bring solutions that can help businesses secure invaluable assets such as information and data. With the current epidemic situation, in order to be able to organize and comply with the “5K” policy of the Ministry of Health during this rather sensitive time, vCyber ​​has organized through a webinar connecting experts from all over the world. partners and businesses to be able to exchange and understand better without having to move or come into contact with too many people.
With the presence of vCyber’s technical team and experts from product supply partners, it has given us a better understanding of the importance of what solutions can support and help businesses. can be further improved in specific categories based on the unique needs of each business

And this webinar, vCyber ​​is very pleased to be able to link between partner Anomali and Mr. Joel Tian (ASEAN Region Manager) represents the interpretation of the extremely important information that the solution can bring to businesses.

Not only that, vCyber ​​has a technical team that is always updated with the latest information and security trends to offer the most reasonable and accurate plans and solutions for the partners that vCyber ​​associates. After learning more about TIP, the representative of vCyber ​​– Mr. Su Chan Hoai Bao ( Technical Manager ) provided a lot of information about “Zero Trust Access
In addition, all attendees will be able to experience first-hand situations about issues that we may not know about or can’t imagine the situation just hearing. With the experience of information as well as directly being manipulated by vCyber’s technical team based on customer needs. Guests will gain information and understand the reality of how data security will be like, which is difficult to experience in an online conference today.

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