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Webinar Series – vCyber ​​and days without distance ! ( part 1 )

The past few days must have been very difficult for everyone. From our production to business, or simpler things to communicate, there are different obstacles and limitations.
But not so that vCyber ​​is separated from customers and partners. vCyber ​​has chosen for itself a more creative direction to be able to provide the latest information as well as relevant information to customers and partners. Create a series of webinar events periodically to break the distance limit and all information can be updated – support in the best way!

Webinar 09/29/2020
“Discover security trends and breakthrough solutions with Zero Trust Network Access technology”
The conference was attended by more than 50 guests through an online format, led and supported by a team of vCyber ​​experts. With the aim of bringing network security solutions closer to customers, we have associated with strategic partners to be able to provide the best support to customers.

Through presentations from experts, attendees will know how existing enterprise systems will be attacked? It is very clearly seen from each specific case to demonstrate the vulnerabilities and attacks from where? Based on that, the infrastructure administrator will have a response plan to avoid inherited attacks and affect the business.

Sometimes infrastructure administrators can see that a simple access to sites like Google will be absolutely guaranteed and will not affect whether it is correct or not, ensuring that the enterprise system will not be damaged. data theft or loss. From there, the experts give demos about the system as well as perform the most accurate manipulations of attacks so that guests will understand how the solution works.

At the same time, the workshop brought Zero Trust Network Access solution, one of the solutions to help businesses make a breakthrough in technology as well as optimally support administrators for secure access. So the challenge here is when infrastructure administrators use many solutions but do not inherit the optimization that makes the solutions overlap, the workshop from vCyber ​​that brings the best value is best understood through experts have in-depth experience as well as conduct research on each solution to be able to document from theory to practice through demos in the workshop.

With rich content as well as practical cases that are and can happen at the enterprise itself, the guests were surprised and asked many questions why when using infrastructure administrators as well as understand all or use all of the functionality the solution offers.
And that is the mission of vCyber ​​to bring to guests and partners in each seminar

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