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Zscaler - Zero Trust Exchange

Our 100% cloud-delivered solutions at a glance

Zscaler Internet Access

AI-powered protection for all users, all apps, and all locations. Zscaler Internet Access® defines safe, fast internet and SaaS access with the most comprehensive cloud native security service edge (SSE) platform.

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Zscaler Private Access

Direct private app access for all users, all devices, and all locations. Zscaler Private Access® offers the fastest, most secure access to private apps, services, and OT devices with the most-deployed ZTNA solution.

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Zscaler Cloud Protection

Our new approach to cloud workload protection secures connectivity between workloads in public clouds, eliminating the attack surface and lateral threat movement to prevent data loss as well as ensure proper security configurations and compliance.

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Zscaler Digital Experience

Ensure optimal digital experiences for all office and home-based users. By monitoring performance from within user devices, across networks, through security services, up to their target SaaS, cloud or datacenter based applications, only ZDX helps IT quickly identify, isolate and resolve device, network or application issues that cause poor digital experiences.

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Zscaler Deception

The only deception-based threat detection solution built for a zero trust architecture uses advanced lures and decoys to detect and disrupt sophisticated threats, including organized ransomware operators, supply chain attacks, and APTs.

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