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V-KEY- Stronger With V-OS

The new standard in mobile cybersecurity

Our pioneering products are designed to secure day-to-day purchases and transactions conducted on the go; as well as protect sensitive personal and corporate data in a world where mobile device adoption and usage are growing rapidly.

They offer – for the first time – a highly resilient, yet easy to use and widely accessible mobile security solution for individuals, banks, enterprises and governments alike.

Find out how our products can help make the digital transformation of your business both safer and easier.

V-OS Biometric Identities

Turn each one of your users into a focal point for their own personal ecosystem, connecting banking, government, payments, lifestyle, health, and all kinds of data.

V-OS Smart Token

Built on V-OS Virtual Secure Element, V-OS Smart Token provides a suite of Multi-Factor Authentication solutions for iOS and Android.

V-OS Mobile App Protection

V-OS’s inherent capabilities make it a sure foundation for securing any mobile app with minimal integration costs. At the same time, this turns your entire mobile user base into a powerful threat intelligence engine.

V-OS Virtual Secure Element

The world’s first virtual secure element is an unprecedented approach to mobile cybersecurity. The V-OS Mobile Trust Platform enables digital leaders to create category- leading experiences combining high security and delightful convenience.

V-Key Smart Authenticator 3.0

Enterprise-grade Multi-Factor Authentication in 3 Easy Steps.

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