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VCYBER has spent a lot of time to be able to research and bring comprehensive solutions to all customers. Through that, building a network of diverse customers in many industries along with the belief and affirmation of VCYBER’s advantages and value positioning in the IT market.

Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Established on December 21, 1991 in Ho Chi Minh City. Sacombank is currently one of the 5 largest banks in Vietnam with the charter capital of Sacombank reaching over 18,852 billion VND.

Sacombank has affirmed its position thanks to the positive recognition of the domestic and international community through many typical awards.

Vietnam Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank

However, as a young bank, the financial growth indicators contradict the bank’s youth. Vietbank has remained committed to long-term development, using its internal resources to serve customers and contribute to the social community.

Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank

With many years on the market, ACB has established itself as a leading bank, operating under the principles of professional management, long-term growth, legitimate income, and reasonable profit. Capital mobilization, lending, discounting commercial paper, bonds, and valuable papers, capital partnership, insurance, payment services, gold trading, brokerage and investment consulting securities, finance leasing, custody, corporate finance consulting, and underwriting are just a few of the diverse business lines…

Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank

OCB has more than 200 business units in many key provinces and economic centers across the country after 25 years of operation and development. OCB has consistently been rated as one of the banks with strong and consistent growth over many years.

The Ministry of National Defence

The Ministry of National Defense is a government agency that advises the Party and the State on military and national defense policies and tasks; manages national defense in the entire country; organizes the construction, management, and command of the People’s Army, Militia, and Self-Defense Forces; and manages public services in accordance with the law.

The Viettel Cyber Security Company

The Viettel Cyber Security Company‘s mission is to become a trusted and leading partner in the field of information security for information technology systems in the banking, finance, and enterprise sectors, as well as the private sector. critical national infrastructure